Lanéva Boats, winner of the Luxury Innovation Award™ 2020 Edition

A grand finale! Lanéva Boats was one of those few who were able to convince 21 esteemed person from a jury panel that included experts and opinion leaders in the field of luxury design and business. Indeed, we won the Cars, Yachts, Travel experience, Real Estate, Beauty, Food and Lifestyle Category.

We are amongst the 4 winners out of 149 applicants from 34 countries around the world that were announced for the first ever edition of the Luxury Innovation Award™ in 2020 organized by Luxury Venture Group (LVG). The trophies, designed by famous Swiss artist, Roger Pfund and produced and sponsored by Altman Casting, were presented at an awards ceremony that took place in the Nations room at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva, Switzerland.

Presenting partner, Michael Glinski, CEO, Porsche Schweiz AG, said :

“What inspired me most about the Luxury Innovation Award was the courage and the passion of the young entrepreneurs presenting their projects.”

He also added that it was interesting to note the high amount of projects on sustainability and digitalisation. At Lanéva, we are very happy and proud to have received our award from Michael and look forward to working with Porsche Schweiz AG.

This award is for us recognition of the work accomplished and the efforts of the entire team.

We are proud to be recognized as a player in the luxury industry of the future and impatient to introduce our boat to the jury who trusted us.

Living legend in the luxury watch industry, Jean-Claude Biver was presented with the LVG Lifetime Achievement award for his outstanding contribution to the Swiss luxury watch industry. Mr Biver captured the spirit behind the LVG awards with his words: “You have winners and the winners are the future. And somehow you need to also have the past. I learn every day, I look every day, I get inspiration every day from the millennials, from the future. And, as long as you are connected to the future, you will be connected to innovation.”

Luxury Venture Group Founder and President, Deependra Pandey, shared his vision of making Geneva and Switzerland a place for luxury startups just as Silicon Valley in California, USA became a hub for tech startups. The Luxury Innovation Award 2021 will take place in September 2021 as part of a 2-day international Luxury Venture Conference. Two additional categories will be added. Fashion and design will be separated into their own individual categories, as well as watches, jewelry and accessories. Additionally, there will be a separate category for technology, innovation and digitization. In total, the categories will be expanded to six.

The Luxury Venture Group (LVG) is a Swiss-based incubator, accelerator and venture capital ecosystem to scout, select, accelerate and invest in startups from luxury and related industries. Luxury Venture Group’s mission is to enable the workings of startups from the luxury industry that combine impact and profit along with innovation, creativity, sustainability, and social responsibility.


Press Review of the Award

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